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Behind the bajan kitchen

We are Sophie and Tamara and together we make up The Bajan Kitchen.  Born from recipes we grew up with dating back over three generations. We are so pleased to be able to bring them to the UK in the hope that you will enjoy them as much as we did growing up. 


Sophie is Barbadian/English and spent her childhood growing up on the beautiful Island of Barbados. It was here that she got the taste for true hospitality, not just through the tourism in Barbados but also from her Grandmother and mother’s love of cooking and entertaining. Educated in England and with a degree in Hospitality she has designed and opened many restaurants, clubs and bars in London including Tiger Tiger, Babble , to name a few....  She and her husband, the lovely Stephane, own and run the hugely successful Scarlet restaurant in Barbados. Sophie also has her own interior design company, bringing her beautiful, natural and unique style to many homes, restaurants and bars throughout the island. She lives in Barbados with her husband and daughter.



Tamara is English, but spent her childhood growing up in Antigua and Barbados. Educated at the same school as Sophie in England, the family connection goes back to thier Grandparents who met in Barbados in the 1960’s when her Grandfather was posted there as Administrator. 

With a long background in hospitality and catering, Tamara spent three years working for a hotel chain in St Lucia and since then has been catering on and off here in the UK. She lives in Wiltshire with her husband and two children.


Having grown up together watching our Grandmothers and mothers creating delicious recipes and sauces in their kitchens in the Caribbean, their creativity and love of cooking has inspired us to bring these recipes, and of course some of our own, to the UK to share with you. We hope you enjoy browsing around The Bajan Kitchen. 


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Feel the Caribbean warmth heat up your dishes here in the UK...

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